This is home for do-it-yourself “makers” looking for inspiration and guidance. We build everything from camper-vans to home-automation, and then share the tools, parts, and processes in the form of “build logs.”


The modern #VanLife underground turns cargo vans into tiny homes. As useful for camping as they are adept at hiding in a city, these vehicles now covertly inhabit the urban and rural landscapes. Read on for posts about building vans.


Batteries, solar power, direct current. These are the trade of the electrical engineer, and part of any maker’s toolkit. We’ve built everything from solar-powered off-grid electrical systems, to home-automation computers. Read on for posts about maker electronics.

Latest stories

The Plan to Build a Van


About a year ago, a friend first told me that he was buying a “sprinter van” to live in. Knowing the friend, I laughed and shook my head at the prospect — something I’d later learned is called #VanLife. Come to find out, there’s a whole community out there of people who convert vans into tiny homes. Van Journeys This page is mostly about how I built the van. It features:...

A Simple Guide to Wiring an Advanced Off-Grid Electrical System


Once I had planned and installed the solar panels and battery in my tiny-home/van, I was prepared to begin wiring everything up. Okay, maybe prepared is an overstatement. I was… eager, then. It was March, and I hoped to take it skiing at least once before the mountains closed. With short days and cold nights, I had a deadline to get the lights shining. In this post, I’ll cover how I...